Cancellation policy

Payment Terms

Payment terms for the customers
  • 1. A token advance of 15% of the total booking should be paid to book the photographer.
  • 2. Payment of 45% of the total amount is required two days prior to the photoshoot in order to confirm the photoshoot and bookings.
  • 3. After the photoshoot, 40% of the remaining amount should be paid on the shootday; after confirmation, all photographs will be sent by the photographer¬†to the customer on location and to the company's post-production team.
Payment terms for the photographers
  • 1. The company takes a 10% commission on the total amount.
  • 2. After the booking is completed on an event basis, the remaining 90% of the booking fee will be sent to the photographer.
Cancelling an APICS Bookings is as fast and easy as booking one.

We'd love to be a part of your special occasion, but if your plans change, our simple cancellation process ensures that you get a prompt confirmation and a prompt refund.

Apics will charge a cancellation fee from the token advance, in addition to the photographer's fee for each cancelled shoot. Cancellation charges are applicable on original fare but not on the discounted fare.The cancellation fees are deducted from the collected/discounted fare, and the remaining funds are returned.

Cancellation terms and cancellation fee
Term Cancellation fee charged Refund Amount
Cancelling a shoot within 10 days of the scheduled date. 10% 90%
Cancelling a shoot within 3 days of the scheduled date. 75% 25%
Cancellation of the shoot on the scheduled date 100% 0